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Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a read through our frequently asked questions before proceeding to the Contact Us page.

Premium Lounge

Do I need to upload my documents online before attending?
It is not mandatory to upload documents yourself, this is optional. Our staff will scan and upload any documents you bring with you. However, please bear in mind that if you have a large number of documents that you wish us to upload, this may take some time.
Can my husband/partner/friend accompany me during the application process?
Only legal representatives are permitted to accompany the applicant during the application process. There is a separate waiting area where others may wait during this time.
Do I need to bring a copy of my appointment confirmation with me?
Yes, and we would recommend you print a physical copy of the form as we will be required to scan the QR code on the appointment letter to start the biometric process. The reason we request this is that it is sometimes not always possible to scan the QR code on certain types of mobile phones..
What happens if I do not have my passport?
Only if your passport is lost/stolen or with the UKVI Home Office are you permitted to apply without a valid passport/travel document. If you are not in possession of your passport for any other reason, we recommend waiting until you have your passport before making an appointment, as we would not be able to proceed with your application without it.
will I receive confirmation that my biometrics have been taken and my documents uploaded?
We do not provide any confirmation at the end of the application process at the Premium lounge. You will have your original appointment confirmation that is mailed to you and also your confirmation of payment of fees.
Is there a number I can call to follow up with the UKVI Home Office?
Yes, the number is 0300 123 2241
Is there separate access for disabled persons and people with prams/buggy’s?
Yes, there is a separate entrance to the building with a ramp for this purpose.
How long will the enrolment take?
Typically between 20 minutes to an hour. This is dependent on the number of documents you would require us to scan and upload.
If I choose the 24 hour service – will I get my visa in 24 hours?
The 24 hour service means that UKVI will reply to you within 24 hours. You are not guaranteed a visa with 24 hours. You may receive your visa in 24 hours or UKVI may have some additional questions or requirements.
What do I get with the premium lounge service?
The premium lounge provides a comfortable, bookable environment for your biometrics to be registered and the scanning of your documents.
What is the Super Priority Decision?
The Super Priority Decision – is an additional service whereby UKVI Home Office will respond to you in 24 hours with a decision on your application.
After I have arrived at the Premium Lounge can I upgrade to a Super Priority Decision
You would be required to first cancel your appointment, reapply, make a new appointment and then select Super Priority Decision
After completing my application at the Premium Lounge will I get an email or written confirmation that my documents have been uploaded?
The Agent responsible for processing your application will provide a verbal confirmation that the uploading of your documents and biometrics has been successfully completed. You will have your payment receipt and your original appointment confirmation letter as proof of your appointment.
Can I just turn up as a ‘walk in’ and have my application processed.
We do offer a walk in service. You will need to have registered with UKVI and have your Unique Application Number and the QR code. You should telephone 0203 026 6551 to discuss your arrival and the likely wait time.


How do I book the VIP service
You can call us on: 0799 004 4022 and we will talk you through the booking process. Alternatively you can email your requirements to us on:
How many people can be processed with a VIP visit
Up to 10 people can be processed in one visit. All applicants must be associated with a single Unique Application Number (UAN)

Mobile Pop-Up

How do I book the Pop-Up service
You can call us on: 0207 220 7277 and we will talk you through the booking process. Alternatively you can email your requirements to us on:
How many people can be processed with a mobile pop-up visit
Each agent is equipped with a mobile processing unit and can process up to 15 applicants in a day. Let us know your requirements and we will assign the necessary number of agents and days to meet your needs.

Document Checking

How do I get my documents checked?
Select the document checking option when making your appointment.
Your documents are checked on-line before your appointment. Therefore, you need to upload your documents 48 hours in advance of your appointment to take advantage of this service.

If you have any further questions please use the Contact Us page.