BLS International

Mobile units

BLS is the only organisation authorised by UKVI to complete the UKVCAS application process at your own premises.

Our mobile units is designed for organisations such as charities, hospitals and businesses that have a number of applicants that would benefit from a visa application service arriving on their doorstep.


The mobile units service comes to a location convenient to you. This mobile unit provides the full application service and can process 20 applicants in a day. The mobile unit is available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Service

We provide two options for the mobile unit:

  • The ‘Visa Van’ - A mobile office that we park at a location near you.
  • A portable unit that we set up in one of your offices.

Our teams can arrange half day or full day sessions depending on the number of applicants and can even remain in the area for several days to process higher volumes if necessary.


The minimum number of applicants to qualify for this service is 5. There is no maximum number. Telephone 0207-623-9993 to discuss your requirements. We will explain the service and provide you with a quotation.

The Process


Step 1

Simply email us; or call 0207-623-9993 to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote and book an appointment.


Step 2

We will guide you through creating a corporate account and you will be able to request a preferred day and time for an on-demand pop-up to visit your organisation.


Step 3

You will organise your applicants and ensure that they are registered and have the their necessary documentation:

  • Unique Application Number
  • QR Code
  • Passport
  • Supporting documents for scanning

Step 4

We will arrive with our mobile unit and process your applicants