BLS International

The Premium Lounge

For greater privacy and comfort, book an appointment at our premium lounge and have a dedicated member of our team enrol your biometrics and check your supporting documents.


The premium lounge is located in the heart of the City of London, just across the road from Fenchurch Street Station and within a 7 minute walk of both Monument, Bank and Tower Hill tube stations.

The Service

Your application process will be completed in a private application suite where biometric data collection, document scanning and application checking will take.


Our Premium Lounge prices start at £200 for off-peak visit and £260 at peak times.

The Process

Step 1

Check if you need a visa

Step 2

Prepare the evidence you need

  • Passport
  • Bank Statement
  • English language test
  • etc

Step 3

Start the application process on the UK Government website

Here you will:

  • Create an account
  • Pay the appropriate fee for your visa
  • Receive your 6 digit Unique Authorisation Number

Step 4

Make your appoitment here:

Select the Premium Lounge option
Prices are £200 for off-peak and £260 for peak times

Step 5

Arrive at the premium lounge where we will welcome you and complete your application process.
It's as easy as that!